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Small String of Beans Plant
Small String of Beans Plant

Small String of Beans Plant

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This little string of beans is tres cute, playful, and funky, add a bit of edge to your plant collection with this personable plant buddy. Likes a drier soil, very bright sun but not direct as will scortch beans.  Works great as a hanging plant, place in a south-facing window if possible. 

This plant is shipped in a growers pot.  Place this pot into a decorative pot of your own, or check out our selection of pots! 

The diameter of this pot is approx.3.4 inches. Please note this plant doesn't come with a plant care card at this time. 


Small - 6-10”H x 5”W


Put this plant in a bright spot! A South-facing window or the brightest alternative.


Moderate - A bit of a diva, keep an eye on this plant to avoid any drama. Water when the soil feels dry and pay attention to humidity levels.

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